Service Offerings

Medical Focus and Specialisation

How important health is, we often find only when making diseases by their symptoms and ultimately in a diagnostic
noticeable. Throughout our lives we suffer from many diseases.
The best way to find out trouble makers in our body are highly specialist doctors with state-of the-art equipment
and laboratories.

The Center Of Diagnostics in Kiel is highly specialised, among
others, on the following competence fields:
-  Cardiology
-  Circulatory Disorder
-  Hypertension
-  Diabetes Mellitus
-  Asthma
-  Thyroid Disorders
-  Gastroenterology
-  Immune Deficiency

A precise diagnosis is crucial for the further course of action in the Therapeutics.
Thanks to the ever advancing research medical treatment can already prevent the onset of many diseases, mitigate the progression or even cure completely. A major step to become healthy is a comfortable environ-
ment and the feeling, that people are around a patient that do him really good.

A team of excellent medical doctors will care for the patient whatever ist necessary from medical point of view. Even a transfer must be done to another medical center the team of the Center of Therapy and Diagnostic will care for this.

Specialised Medical Fields

-  Cardiology
-  Hypertension
-  Diabetes Mellitus
-  Kidney Disease
-  Osteoporosis
-  Arthrosis
-  Gastroenterology
-  Gastroscopy
-  Circulation
-  Pulmonary Disease
-  Asthma Bronchiale
-  Radiology

The total service package

Fighting a disease from the medical side is just one package. The other major and important aspect is living during a patient‘s stay in Germany.
Instead of searching for the right doctors, organizing pharmaceuticals, or thinking of accommodation, transportation or even private security, the management team within the Center of Diagnostics and
Therapy will organize all this according to your wishes. Accommodation, Transportation and Security
All what you request will be organized by the team of the Center of Diagnostics and Therapy. A fleet of cars
will be ready to serve you, as well an air taxi service from Kiel airport to all European destinations.

Well-trained security staff is ready to serve you on request. All kind of accommodation will be booked for, from high-class city hotel to private houses or secure flats for a family.


  • ultrasonic diagnostics
    • abdomen  (internal organs)
    • heart
    • thyroid
    • Contrast-Echocardiography (failure of wall mobility of left ventricle)
  • x-ray fluoroscopy
    • lung
    • kidney
    • gallbladder
    • small intestine
    • colon
    • skeletal survey
  • prolonged- ECG (24h-Monitoring)
    prolonged - blood pressure measurement (24h-Monitoring)
  • ECG/Physical stress
  • oscillography, bidirectional/lower extremity (analysis of circulatory disorder)
  • pulmonary function test
  • audimetry
  • gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy
  • prostatic-diagnostics
  • complex labaratory diagnostics
  • infusionstherapy
    • (inter alia detoxification/liver e.g. metabolism, acute hearing loss, circulatory disorder)
  • transfusion


  • cardiology (heart-rhythmics, -blood floow, -muscle achievment)
  • circulatory disorder (central/peripheric/erectile dysfunktion)
  • hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • thyroid-diagnoctics, -therapy
  • diabetes mellitus
  • gastroenterology (stomach, pancreas, liverintestine)
  • arthrosis, Osteoporosis
  • asthma (heart- or /and lungcaused)
  • therapy of immun deficiency (not any therapy of HIV)
  • sport for elderly persons
  • check-up for pilots (class I and II/JAR-FCL)
  • check-up for divers
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